Myanmar: Humanitarian relief in Rakhine

from Malteser
Published on 30 Jul 2014 View Original

Malteser International appreciates discussions on improving humanitarian space for aid delivery and relief efforts

Malteser International has not been able to resume its humanitarian relief efforts in Central Rakhine State since a severe security incident in late March. Influential local groups have spoken against the agency. As the Myanmar Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) headed by the Myanmar State Security Minister has not given approval, Malteser International could not restart its activities in the internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Sittwe.

Malteser International therefore welcomes the announcement of the Rakhine State Government from 23 July 2014 inviting UN agencies and INGOs working in Rakhine State, including Malteser International, “to participate in development, humanitarian, education, and health care programs”.

Malteser International highly appreciates the current discussions on improving the humanitarian space for aid delivery and relief efforts. This topic was part of the meeting about the Action Plan for Peace, Stability and Development in Rakhine State held from 26 to 27 June in Yangon. At the meeting participated members of the Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC), representatives of the diplomatic corps, the United Nations agencies, INGOs, the Rakhine State government, civil society organizations and experts from the Myanmar Peace Center. Within this process, Malteser International will continue to liaise with government and civil society counterparts.

Regarding its disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation activities outside of the IDP camps in Central Rakhine, Malteser International currently assesses the possibilities of continuation. Malteser International also continues implementing its programs in Maungdaw District in the northern parts of Rakhine State without restrictions, with current health activities focusing on tuberculosis, malaria, and maternal and child health.

Malteser International has been working in Myanmar already since 2001, implementing emergency relief, basic health care, WASH and disaster risk reduction programs totalling nearly 6 million Euros in 2013 with a total of around 300 local and 14 international staff members.