Myanmar: Downpours, strong winds cause death, injury, damage to houses, roads, railroad sections, floods, landslides State, departments, Tatmadawmen, NGOs and wellwishers render assistance for relief and rehabilitation

from Government of Myanmar
Published on 18 Jun 2010 View Original
NAY PYI TAW, 17 June-It was reported on dailies issued on 17 June that downpours and strong winds caused damage to many houses and buildings, floods and landslides in some townships of Rakhine State from 13 to 15 June. In this incident, Buthidaung Township got 4.3 inches of rainfall on 13 June and 8 inches on 14 June, Maungtaw Township, 3.98 inches on 13 June, 4.02 inches on 14 June and 13.47 inches on 15 June and Sittway Township, 5.75 inches on 15 June. Passonger and cargo road transport services to Sittway, Ponnagyun, Kyauktaw, Minbya, An, Yangon and Mandalay were suspended on 15 June as heavy rain caused damage to bridges and landslides.

At Mutsalindanseik village of Sukkya village-tract in Minbya Township on 15 June, strong winds flatenel 25 houses and one school building and blew off roofs of 14 houses and one mosque. A total of 197 strong windvictims- 102 men and 92 women- were temporarily accommodated at mosques in nearby villages and their relative houses by local authorities concerned and police force.

Besides, a 15 feet long wooden bridge near Kyarintaung village between Minbya and Myebon Townships was washed away, and one man and 10 heads of buffalos were struck to death by lightning near Khaunglaungchaung village.

Similarly, some wards and villages in Buthidaung were in flood due to heavy rains on 15 June. 13 men and 18 women of Hanmala village in Ward 5, Kyaukywatpyin village (annex) of Letwe Detpyinshae village-tract and Kakyabetpyin villagetract totaling 31 died in the landslides triggered by heavy rains. Due to torrential rains and flow of torrents, lower parts of the wards were in floods as high as five feet and four feet in higher parts.

These areas were out of communication with other villages. A landslide cut off the transport services on Buthidaung- Maungtaw road. Under the arrangements of local authorities concerned and local battalion, 214 flood victims of 46 households were evacuated and temporarily accommodated at monasteries in urban area, BEHS and BEMS.

Four victims- two men and two women- were killed and one woman injured when one house collapsed in landslides at Mannpya village of Ngarsakyu village- tract in Maungtaw Township and they were sent to Kyeinchaung Station Hospital to undergo treatment. A total of 1865 victims of 252 households were temporarily accommodated at BEMS and BEHS as Ward 2, Ward 4 and Ward 5 in Maungtaw were in flood as high as about 4.5 feet due to heavy rains. Landslides left 20 victims-12 men and eight women-dead and four injured in some villages.

The new 60 feet long and 16 feet wide 3rd-Mile bridge on the road from Maungtaw to the border area was washed away and a tunnel on Maungtaw- Buthidaung road collapsed in the landslides.

In consequence, 600 feet long section of Maungtaw-Buthidaung road was blocked in the landslide. Floods washed away bridges on MaungtawKyeinchaung Road and Maungtaw- Alethankyaw Road.

Transport service stopped due to damage of roads and conduits in water erosion.

On 15 June, a 20 feet long RC bridge was destroyed between Pannila and Kyankhin villages of Ponnagyun Township due to heavy rains and erosion of mountain torrent. In addition, about 10 feet long ground landslide caused at the highway section near the bridge.

About 10 feet long part of highway was damaged due to erosion of mountain torrent near Kansauk Hill in Kansauk Village of Kyauktaw Township.

Heavy rains and strong winds killed one Tatmadawman and destroyed 80 buildings at the local battalions in Sittway, Buthidaung and Yathedaung, and repairing works are being carried out there.

On 15 June evening, the rains stopped and the floods descended in Buthidaung and Maungtaw townships.

Some of flood victims were sent to their houses.

Due to heavy rains, landslides and damages of embankment caused at Sittway- Ponnagyun-Yotayok railroad section. Department concerned is repairing the railroad section.

The local authorities, departmental personnel, local battalions and members of Myanmar Police Force are striving for reopening Buthidaung- Maungtaw road soonest.

The State, departments, Tatmadawmen, NGOs and wellwishers carried out evacuation of disaster victims to the safe places, provided relief items and foods to them and undertakes repairing works. The relief items were bags of rice, vegetables, meat and fish, drinking water, instant noodle, dried fish, onion, edible palm oil, egg, potato, biscuit, blankets, mosquito nets, umbrellas and clothes. Temporary health care offices are kept open in Buthidaung and Maungtaw townships to provide health care to the disaster-hit people. The local authorities and departments concerned provided 298 units with the content of six relief items to Buthidaung and Maungtaw townships and 100 units of relief items, rice and medicine to Minbya Township.

The National Disaster Preparedness Central Committee formed a combined team comprising representatives of the Ministries of Transport, Home Affairs, Construction, Education, Health, Electric Power No 2 and Progress of Border Areas and National Races and Development Affairs led by Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement U Maung Maung Swe to the disaster- affected regions. At present, the combined team is carrying out relief and rehabilitation tasks might and main.