Myanmar: Dooplaya Interview: Saw A---, September 2016

from Karen Human Rights Group
Published on 11 May 2017 View Original

This Interview with Saw A--- describes issues affecting him in Waw Raw (Win Yay) Township, Dooplaya District, including road construction, bridge construction, education, health, livelihood and land titling.

  • In January 2016, an unknown company stated constructing part of the Asian [National] Highway from B--- village to C--- village. The company manager did not hold any consultation meetings with local people before the road was constructed.

  • The Asian [National] Highway construction destroyed some civilians’ rubber plantations and betel nut plantations in the area between B--- village and C--- village. The plantation owners reported this issue to the local authority, Burma/Myanmar government and the company manager but they have not received any response.

  • Land owners in Kyainseikgyi Township are waiting to access Karen National Union (KNU) land grants after they rejected the Burma/Myanmar government’s plan to measure their land and provide them with land grants. The land owners rejected the Burma/Myanmar government land titling plan because of a lack of discussion before the plan was made.

  • Civilians in A--- village requested that any non-governmental organisation or other organisation working in their village should hold a consultation meeting with the local people before doing a project.