Myanmar Cyclone Nargis Yangon Hub Update No. 3


(Reporting period 12 October - 26 November 2008)


- More than six months since Nargis, some leading organizations have ended their emergency programmes and are phasing out: World Vision and Islamic Relief are phasing out Dedaye with respect to WASH, health and distribution; ASEAN and Myanmar Health Assisstant Association (MHAA) from Kungyangon; TDH and Myanmar Health Assisstant Association (MHAA) from Twanty. ICRC, Relief international, and MMA/WHO are also implementing their exit from their cyclone response activities.

- Shortage of safe water supply during the dry season is the biggest challenge for the partners in Yangon hub area, especially in Dedaye. WASH cluster partners from Dedaye are preparing a township strategic plan for safe water supply, including encouraging of the traditional coping mechanism, The major challenge that key WASH players such as World Vision and, ICRC etc are phasing out from Dedaye, and that response capacities and resources are inadequate budget constraint and less number of partners in WASH cluster for implementing the strategic plan.

- The data collection phase of Periodic Review ended on 14 November. Within 2.5 weeks more than 80 enumerators conducted over 2,000 quantitative and qualitative interviews in 113 villages in Yangon and Delta region. All of the data received from four ASEAN hubs in Yangon, Pyapon, Bogale and Labutta are currently being analyzed and the first draft will be completed in early December. Yangon hub was responsible to organize field survey in 29 villages in 14 townships: Htantabin, Hllaingthayar, Thinganggyun, Dagon Myo Thit, North Ohkalapa, Twantay, Dala, Kungyangon, Kayan, Thonghwa, Kwahmu, Thanlyn, Kyauktan and Shwe Pyithar. The survey in Yangon was conducted by 17 enumerators.

- The 4th round of training the trainers on Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) was opened on 24 November in Yangon, jointly organized by Ministry of Social Welfare and Resettlement and Mingalar Myanmar foundation. There are 40 participants from various government departments coming from the disaster prone area/region attended the training. UNOCHA and other UN agencies, ASEAN, INGOS, MRCS and the other local NGOs facilitate the training.

- OCHA facilitated Sphere training on 22 November in Yangon. 19 participants from UN agencies, ASEAN, and L/Ingo's attended the one day training to gain better understanding on disaster response and management especially in standardization of the humanitarian aid.

- The first World AIDS day commemoration will be held on 1 December at TPDC hall in Dedaye. OCHA, CESVI, Interfaith Youth Coalition for HIV/AIDS (IYCA), Maries Stope International (MSI), AFXB and local CBO formed an organizing committee and did advocacy to the authorities, fund raising, and prepared for the ceremony together with partners from Yangon and Dedaye.



- Contract farming was introduced in Kungyangon in 44 acres of farm land owned by the 3 Nargisaffected farmers and Green Luck Co for the first Rainy cropping since Nargis. These paddy fields were harvested on 23 November. The township agricultural officer shared that the average yield was 99. Tin/acre, a significantly higher than traditional farming system of 65 tin/acre. From that success story, the Green Luck co and farmers from Kungyangon have already agreed to grow summer crop (paddy) in 1,000 acres, with contract farming system.

- In Dedaye, CESVI plans to distribute 6,500 bags (40kg/bag) of bean/pulse seeds for winter crops and 1,000 litres of D6 insecticide for summer crops, along with a pamphlet for its usage

- In Dedaye, Oxfam plans to distribute assorted farming tools to 3,000 households. 472 units have already been distributed. Oxfam will also provide fishing net to 510 fishermen and fishing related items to 1,500 households supplied by FAO...


- In Kungyangon, Save the Child providing cash for income generation (50000 Kyat/ household) from most suitable business to 1,330 households from 12 villages.

- NYWCA also plan to provide 100,000 kyat/household, for 10 households/village in 21 villages.

- In Kungyangon, Asia World Construction Co. has rebuilt Myoma Market, which was destroyed during Nargis. The Minister of Energy, who is responsible for cyclone response in the area, marked the re-opening of the market on 23 November.


- Demonstration of how to cook/use blended food from WFP at the time of distribution must be ensured as beneficiaries are not familiar with blended food.


- Relief International has received DOH approval for the reconstruction of health infrastructures (5 sub centre in Kungyangon and 2 sub centre in Dedaye). The work will start in the first week of December.

- CESVI has been renovating the Nay Yaung Kar station hospital in Dedaye.

- WHO and DOH jointly organized an 'Early Warning and Reporting System" (EWARS) training at Dedaye hospital on 19 November. 35 participants from township health department, INGOs and local NGO attended the training.

- Terre des homes Italia (TDH) have completed the rehabilitation of Zaw Ti Health Care Sub Centre in Kungyangon. The opening ceremony was held on 25 November.


- Save the Children and its partners held the Universal Children Day celebration in Ka Mar One village in Kungyangon.

- Save the Children plans to implement Early Child Care Development (ECCD) facilities in 6 schools in Kungyangon.


- In Dedaye, IYCA distributed tarpaulin from World Vision to 58 households (2 sheets/family) in Neik Ban Kwin village. YCA plans to distribute 58 unit of shelter kit from ICRC in the same village as the villagers have to return the zinc sheets that they obtained from the government-owned rice mill to roof their houses.


- UNICEF gave a brief presentation on how to calculate the minimal needs of water for a person per day, calculation on the volume of water available in an area, ways of solving the water shortage issue etc in Dedaye on 21 November. The TMO and the Executive Officer representing the Township Municipal Department and implementing partners were in the attendance, for the village level water availability assessment, UNICEF and partners requested TPDC, TMO and TEO to cooperate with them by instructing their staff to report the volume of water available in their respective area every monthly. To train these staffs for calculation of available water volume in their area, TOT to trainers was given on 21 November in CESVI office in Dedaye.

- During the TCC coordination meeting, TMO from Kungyangon requested to the partners to solve together for water shortage problem in coming dry season. The TMO gave example on some villages which may face water shortage problem in dry season. OCHA proposed to hold a meeting for safe water supply in Kungyangon and shared the experience from preparing Dedaye township strategic plan for safe water supply.


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