Myanmar Cyclone Nargis Mawlamyinegyun Hub Update No. 2


(Reporting period 23 October - 12 November 2008)


- In Mawlamyinegyun Township, the Government is implementing 2 housing projects in Ngwe Sin Yaw village, Shauk Chaung village tract (MMR017018030), and Kyet Shar village, Kyet Shar village tract (MMR017018040). A total of 401 houses in Ngwe Sin Yaw village, and 412 houses in Kyet Shar village will be built. The Government has a plan to construct 407 houses in Dani Chaung village, Kyet Shar village tract (MMR017018040) too. The Government has assigned A 1 Co., Ltd. for construction of houses in Kyet Shar project, and TZTM Construction Co., Ltd. for Ngwe Sin Yaw and Dani Chaung projects.

- On 27 October, the Prime Minister General Thein Sein and the delegation visited Ngwe Sin Yaw village, Shauk Chaung village tract (MMR017018030), inspecting the housing project. The Ngwe Sin Yaw Project will be composed of 401 houses for the community not only from former Ngwe Sin Yaw village but other nearby villages which were severely affected by the Cyclone Nargis: Ngwe Sin Yaw, Myit To and Thaung Bone Gyi villages in Shauk Chaung village tract (MMR017018030); and Yuzana and Kan Kaw villages in Kyun Chaung village tract (MMR017018038).

- On 5 November, the Minister for Construction Major General Saw Tun inspected the progress of the construction works in Mawlamyinegyun-Hline Bone-Thitpok-Pyinsalu Road Project which is part of the Ayeyarwady Division Road Network Development Project.

- On 10 November, a 3-member team of DFID visited Kyone La Mu Gyi and Kun Thee Chaung villages in Mawlamyinegyun to visit the nutrition, CP and WASH activities implemented by Save the Children.

- WASH cluster members in Mawlamyinegyun tentatively selected 96 villages in the most affected area which will likely be faced with drinking water shortage during the dry season. The database on drinking water source in selected 96 villages, designed by OCHA and completed by WASH cluster members and other agencies, will be finalized on 14 November at WASH cluster meeting.

- The construction of new 100-bed township hospital has started in Tei Chaung Village Tract (MMR17018019). Upon completion, the existing 50-bed township hospital will be replaced by the new hospital.

- In Mawlamyinegyun, WFP and its CPs have distributed 5016.34 metric tons of food packages - 3770.41MT of rice, 918.81MT of pulses, 266.56MT of edible oil, 35.51MT of salt and 25.03 tons of corn soya blended food - to 106,685 beneficiaries up to 30 October. Priority has been given to the most affected village tracts in the Southern part of Mawlamyinegyun. WFP and its CPs have revised the caseloads by systematic retargeting based on the findings of PONJA report by Tripartite Core Group. The community responds that they will not necessarily rely on the food distribution by WFP and its CP when the monsoon paddy will be yielded at the beginning of December. Total population in Mawlamyineygun in October 2008 is 267,989 - 33,045 in urban area and 234,944 in rural area - according to the figure of Township Peace and Development Council.

- Myanmar Health Assistant Association (MHAA) will phase out its activities in Mawlamyineygun at the end of November.

- GRET, a French NGO, has started agriculture activities in Mawlamyinegyun.


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