Myanmar: Cyclone Nargis Emergency appeal n° MDRMM002 Operations update n° 29

Situation Report
Originally published


Period covered by this update: April to September 2010

Appeal target: CHF 71,110,196 million

Appeal coverage: 100%

Appeal history:

- 8 July 2008: A revised emergency appeal was launched for CHF 73.9 million (USD 72.5 million or EUR 45.9 million) to assist 100,000 households for 36 months.

- 16 May 2008: An emergency appeal was launched for CHF 52,857,809 (USD 50.8 million or EUR 32.7 million) to assist 100,000 households for 36 months.

- 6 May 2008: A preliminary emergency appeal was launched for CHF 6,290,909 (USD 5.9 million or EUR 3.86 million) to assist 30,000 households for six months.

- 5 May 2008: CHF 200,000 (USD 190,000 or EUR 123,000) was allocated from the International Federation's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF).


- This reporting period has seen many encouraging reports from the field. These include significant improvements reported in the household incomes of communities assisted through asset recovery projects, as well as the fact that communities are making good use of the Red Cross posts constructed across all targeted townships. On the whole, the Nargis Operation has continued to see good progress across all programmes, despite the challenging May-September monsoon, which has led to additional emergency interventions by MRCS hub offices and township branches to assist communities affected by flooding and seasonal tornados.

- Efforts to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable communities also continue across all programmes and mainly through various community-based interventions.

- The capacity of National Society staff, particularly project and programme support staff, continues to be strengthened through practical experience in the field and regular training.

- A revised budget and Plan of Action for the remaining months of the operation are scheduled to be finalised in December. These will be then be shared with partners.

- With the parliamentary elections scheduled for early November, and recent changes in procedures related to the granting of visas, it is possible that international personnel working on the Nargis Operation may be unable to remain in the country from late October onwards. In consideration of this, preparations are underway to agree on alternative arrangements which will enable the IFRC to provide satisfactory support to the MRCS in concluding its activities in response to the Emergency Appeal.

- The majority of MRCS headquarters staff will relocate to their new head office in Naypyidaw, the new capital, in early October. The IFRC Delegation will remain in Yangon, together with the MRCS Nargis Operations Management unit, and some supporting services, including the deputy head of the MRCS finance division, and other key junior staff members supporting the Nargis Operation.

- An evaluation of the household shelter project (Phase 1) was conducted by the MRCS/IFRC Monitoring and Evaluation Teams, involving 18.5 per cent of beneficiaries assisted.

- The engagement of local expertise has complemented efforts to provide livelihoods programme beneficiaries with community-level agricultural training. This has been made possible through collaborations between the MRCS and the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, as well as the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries.

- Expenditure of total funding (CHF 71 million) stood at about 79 per cent, as of end Aug 2010.

- For progress of activities across all programmes.