Myanmar Cyclone Nargis Bogale Hub Update No. 6

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(Reporting Period 13 January to 28 January 2009)


- On 22 January, the Ministers, representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ambassadors and delegates from Norway and Denmark, Chairman and the delegates from the Tripartite Core Group (TCG) visited Set San Village to observe humanitarian needs in the area. The Chairman of the Township Peace and Development Council and other relevant persons explained the humanitarian activities of local organizations and Government bodies.

- On 27, January, Ms. Agnes Asekenye-Oonyu, Chief of Asia and Pacific Section of UNOCHA, Mr. Thierry Delbreuve, Head of UNOCHA Myanmar and the Post Nargis Recovery Preparedness Plan (PONREPP) team visited Bogale to observe the reality and challenges in the field. The OCHA team then visited an International Organization for Migration (IOM) housing project. The party met with Cluster Leads in Bogale as well as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) officer and discussed the structure of the Hub, its functions, information flows and the relationship between humanitarian organizations and local authorities.

- On 19, January, Susanne Ringgaard Pedersen, the Senior Protection Advisor from UNOCHA, Yangon visited to Bogale to initiate the Protection Cluster. As the outcome of a meeting with humanitarian partners for protection issues, the first Protection Cluster will be held on 30, January. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) will be the Cluster Lead.

- The Post Nargis Recovery Preparedness Plan (PONREPP), a 3-year recovery plan for the Nargis-affected Delta, will be launched on 9 February, 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand.

- The Township Management Committee for Water Security was formed in Bogale, chaired by the Township Peace and Development Council with the Township Medical Officer as well as Water and Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH) partners. The Committee will address water supply and scarcity issues in the dry season.

- The Second Round National Immunization Day (NID) program will be conducted on 7, 8 and 9 February. United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) will provide Vitamin A supplements while they are conducting the National Immunization Day (NID) Program.

- International Organization for Migration's (IOM) prefab clinic was recently completed. IOM donated the clinic to the Ministry of Health. The donation ceremony was held in Set San Village on 25 January, with the Ambassador of Thailand, ASEAN and the Township Medical Officer in attendance.

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