Myanmar Cyclone Nargis Bogale Hub Update No. 2


(Reporting period 23 October - 12 November 2008)


- Bogale hub has recently seen a significant increase in the number of organisations, now numbering 54, more than doubling the level of August. Among them, 20 are INGOs, 18 LNGOs, 9 UN agencies, 3 Red Cross/Crescent and 4 private charities.

- OCHA coordinates with Township Medical Officer (TMO) to analyse the water assessment survey. 52 village tracts has been already analyzed. The majority of villages rely on ponds as water sources and the rest of villages rely on river/stream and tube well. 62.7% of renovated ponds are drinkable and 53.1% of villages have water shortage problem in dry season. OCHA will continue to coordinate with TMO and WASH teams on water assessment. Based on analysis, TMO, TPDC and WASH teams will follow up with short term and long term plans for the villages that are vulnerable to water shortage.

- On 4 November, AusAID mission visited to Tha Pyay Kone and Kyun Thar Yar villages to observe the under-served area and well-served area. They also held a meeting in Bogale with UN agencies and L/INGOs who gave briefing on their activities.

- The Periodic Review data collection is ongoing in Bogale. The data collection is scheduled to be finished on 22nd of November. The analysis will be done in late of November. This periodic review will also provide an input for Post Nargis Recovery and Preparedness Plan (PONREPP).

- The Township Peace and Development Council (TPDC) chair requested organizations to monitor the villages to ensure that all distributions are used by beneficiaries instead of selling to the market. TPDC and TMO will provide pipe and pans for construction the latrines to those who are working for housing projects.

- OCHA has received the updated population list from the Ministry of Home Affairs and translated to English. OCHA will discuss with the TPDC on the use of the list by humanitarian partners.



- Agriculture team is doing assessment for the possibility of growing both summer crops and winter crops in Bogale.

- The Township Manager of Myanmar Agriculture Service (MAS) regularly attends the cluster meetings. MAS now has a plan for winter and summer crops and its villages list is available at MAS office. Agriculture partners are encouraged to review the list to avoid the overlaps. MAS also requests agencies to share a list of available agriculture inputs so as to match them against the needs of villages.

- FREDA has planted 400 acres of mangroves in Ka Don Ka Ni reserved forest area.

- CARE Myanmar and GAA are planning to plant trees for windbreak.


- UNICEF will distribute the drinking water for the 17 villages from Dawt Gyi village tract in the mid of November. UNICEF also plans to distribute 20 villages in Htaw Pine area. UNICEF informed that it has recently received an additional contribution for WASH and that it plans to undertake more WASH activities in Bogale Township.

- ACF has constructed 10 water bladders in Kyein Chaung Gyi and Kyun Thar Yar village tract. ACF also has a plan to distribute purified water to vulnerable villages.

- World Vision plans to construct 1,200 latrines and 400 are constructed already..

- NCV has constructed water containers with tarpaulins in Kyein Chaung Gyi and Kyun Thar Yar village tracts.

- LA, Care Myanmar, MSF and SVS are also working on hygiene promotion and pond fencing.


- Now the permission of school construction can be submitted to Township Education Officer (TEO) who will then pass them onto concerned persons. If the school design is same as the design approved by the Government, the permission can be granted within one or two days.

- STUDER TRUST plans to build 10 schools which will be furnished with  black board, chairs and desks for teachers and students in each classroom.


- UNDP plans to hand over the food distribution to Pact Myanmar. Discussion at the Yangon level on this matter is still ongoing.  

- Due to lack of knowledge on how to cook supplementary food (blended food), some supplementary feeding beneficiaries sold the commodities to the market. WFP therefore has requested CPs to show their beneficiaries how to cook these items.

- WFP is mapping the geographical needs based on three categories; worst affected area, moderately affected area and the areas that do not require general food distribution. For the areas that do not need food distribution, they plan to initiate Food for Work programme.


- WHO distributed the guidelines of "how to tackle the problem of water insufficiency in Nargis affected area and guidelines on pond rehabilitation to health partners and other organizations.

- The mobilization of specialist team to Bogale Hospital from other divisions will be ended at the end of December.

- Health Cluster inter-agency Joint Field Mission Team visited to Bogale Township on 5 November and met with local authority, TMO, Ministry of Health (MOH), Publish Health (PH) Team, UN agencies and NGOs in Bogale.

- Training on immunization in practice to Basic Health Staff (BHS) was given by Department of Health (DOH) on 30-31 October.Training on counselling and stress management Basic Health Staff (BHS) was given by the mental health team of the Institute of Medicine on 1-2 November.

- Association for Aid and Relief (AAR) is conducting psychosocial support activities in-Kyun Yar Kan Gyi, Nga Pyi Chaung, Nyi Naung, Chaung Lawl, Kyun Yar Kan Lay, Ku Lar Tan,Hlaing Gu, Kyar Chaung, Wae Chaung, Ywar Tan Shae, Eu Ton and Chaung Thone Sine villages.


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