Myanmar: COVID-19 Situation Report No. 10 (5 October 2020)



  • The rapid increase in COVID-19 cases in Myanmar and subsequent prevention and control measures continue to limit the ability of humanitarian actors to reach displaced people and other people in need of assistance in Rakhine,
    Chin, Shan, Kayin, and Kachin states.

  • A total of 16,503 cases, including 371 fatalities and 4,795 recoveries, have been confirmed across the country, with a rapid increase in daily reported cases and deaths during the reporting period. On 4 October, 1,294 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed – the highest number reported in a single day so far.

  • In Rakhine State, 1,568 locally-transmitted cases have been recorded in all 17 townships between 16 August and 3 October, with most cases reported in Sittwe Township.

  • About 400 humanitarian staff members involved in lifesaving activities in Rakhine State are expected to undergo swab testing soon as per state government requirements, while tests of 100 staff members have already been conducted.

  • Between 22 September and 2 October, field staff from six UN agencies and NGOs obtained travel authorizations from the Rakhine State Government for life-saving activities in Rakhine, while another six organizations have submitted requests for travel authorizations.

  • The Government has further expanded and extended precautionary restriction measures in Yangon Region and in other areas until 31 October.

  • Humanitarian partners have continued efforts to respond to pre-existing humanitarian needs and to address recently emerging humanitarian needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

RAPID INCREASE IN LOCAL TRANSMISSION: Since mid-August, the number of locally transmitted cases continues to increase rapidly across the country, with most cases reported in Yangon Region (over 11,680) followed by Rakhine State (1,568). On 4 October, the Ministry of health and Sports (MoHS) reported 1,294 COVID19 cases – the highest reported in a single day so far. Countrywide, there have been 16,503 confirmed cases, including 371 fatalities and 4,795 people who have recovered. In Rakhine State, 1,568 locally transmitted cases, including three fatalities and one case in an IDP camp in Myebon Township, were reported in all 17 townships between 16 August and 3 October. Sittwe Township accounts for the majority of cases (884) followed by Kyaukpyu (225) and Mrauk-U (105).

TESTING CAPACITY: As of 3 October, 316,483 tests have been conducted in Myanmar; however, the total number of tested people is not available. The Government, with support from national and international organizations, continues to expand testing capacities. According to latest available reports, the average daily tests nationally performed are between 3,200 and 3,700, through the COBAS, RT-PCR and GeneXpert platforms with a total of 37 machines across states and regions. In addition, over 400,000 antigen test kits from the Republic of Korea arrived in Myanmar in late September and the Ministry of health and Sport (MoHS) has reported that hospitals in Yangon Region have started using Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits to conduct COVID-19 testing. In Rakhine State, GeneXpert machines (3 in Sittwe; 3 in Kyaukpyu, and one each in Maungdaw, Mrauk-U and Thandwe townships) have been used to undertake swab testing. Samples from Ann and Toungup townships are sent to Pyay General Hospital in Bago Region, where one GeneXpert machine has been allocated.

TREATMENT AND QUARANTINE FACILITIES: Government general hospitals across regions and states generally host and treat patients for COVID-19. In Yangon Region, Waibargi Special Hospital (90 beds), South Okkalapa Special Hospital (80 beds) and Phaung Gyi COVID-19 Treatment Center (1,200 beds) are the three main facilities. Four additional temporary facilities with a capacity of about 4,050 beds in total across the Yangon Region host and treat less severe COVID-19 cases. In addition, the Myanmar Armed Forces (MAF) reportedly started treating 150 civilians for COVID-19 at its Military Medical Corps Center in Hmawbi Township, Yangon Region, on 25 September.

In Rakhine State, the Sittwe General Hospital (SGH) and other township hospitals are the primary treatment facilities for patients who have tested positive for COVID-19. The Thet Kae Pyin Station Hospital is the primary treatment facility for the IDP camp population. A total of 1,270 beds for COVID-19 treatment were available across Rakhine as of 30 September. As of 2 October, over 350 active cases were being treated in respective hospitals in Rakhine State, while close to 1,200 people had been discharged. The construction of a new quarantine facility in Taung Paw relocation site in Myebon Township was completed on 25 September. The Rakhine State Government (RSG) is planning to construct similar facilities in three camps (Ohn Taw Gyi-North, Ohn Taw Chay and Baw Du Pa) in Sittwe Township.

As of 30 September, close to 5,690 quarantine facilities were operational across the country, hosting over 44,500 people, with the highest number of quarantined people in Bago Region (8,781), followed by Ayeyarwaddy Region (6,262) and Yangon Region (4,618), according to the latest MoHS Situation Report. In Rakhine State, close to 1,650 people were quarantined in 304 facilities. In other conflict-affected areas, over 450 facilities hosted nearly 1,740 people in Shan State, close to 250 facilities hosted 2,480 people in Kachin State, and some 385 facilities hosted over 2,110 people in Kayin State.


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