Myanmar - Conflict in Rakhine State (ECHO Partners, UN, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 04 August 2022)

  • On 3 August, a 5 hour clash broke out between the Arakan Army (Rakhine Ethnic Armed Group) and the Myanmar military in southern Chin State (neighbouring Rakhine State), involving heavy weapons and artillery shelling, including against a civilian boat carrying students, killing two children. The same day, in northern Rakhine State, the Arakan Army launched an attack against the government armed force.

  • After one and a half years of fragile ceasefire, constant escalation in tensions and reciprocal provocations and skirmishes have been reported over recent months, triggering the first population displacements in Rakhine in two years. This has generated fear of renewed war in Rakhine State, which still hosts over 220,000 protracted IDPs from previous waves of violence, including Rohingya.