Much help still needed in Myanmar: Fida continues reconstruction in the country

Fida International continues giving aid to and reconstruction in Myanmar (Burma) after last May cyclone. In addition to donations from its European and American partners and individuals, Fida was granted 100,000 euros for the operation by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland in July. The aid work is being carried out in 21 villages of the worst hit delta area and in cooperation with local partner, the Myanmar Assemblies of God.

In the end of July four more aid cargos were on the way to Yangon. The agency's humanitarian aid specialist has worked onsite in June. In addition, a Thai partner sent their experienced post-disaster trauma and gender counselling teams to assist.

Rehabilitation will include repairing houses, providing restarter packets for families and necessary items for school children and recreation of livelihoods.

"This work will be done by the local church working with entire communities, where the already established village development committees oversee the work so that all the people are helped," tells Mr Jukka Harjula, Fida's Regional Development Cooperation Coordinator for South East Asia.

Mr Harjula rejoices of the cooperation spirit among the Myanmarese Christians. He also mentions that many local organisations have been interested in the Community Health Education method which Fida and its partner have been implementing in the country since many years.

Still many villages in the delta are without help. An estimated 130,000 people are dead or missing, over two million people affected and agriculture of the country devastated. A recent joint assessment by ASEAN, the UN and the Myanmarese government estimates that it takes immense efforts worth' $1billion' (646 million euros) for the next three years to meet even the basic needs in food provision, agriculture and housing.