MIMU 3W - April 2015 Country Overview

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Village + Camp-level Results

The April’15 3W provides a snapshot of active project implementation as of March 25th, 2015 in villages and IDP camps across Myanmar as reported by implementing agencies. Information on planned and recently completed projects can be found in the 3W Data, available as an Excel file, and are also reflected on the 3W Dashboard.

For this 3W round, individual requests were sent to 386 agencies, 205 of whom responded (53%). There was a very good rate of response from agencies who had previously contributed, and non-responders tended to be national NGOs who have never contributed in the past. Based on their inputs, 107,235 records were updated in the MIMU 3W database.

This Overview covers Village and Camp-level results (i.e. activities for all beneficiaries of agency interventions - displaced and non-displaced).