MERCY Malaysia Activities in Sittwe Rakhine after the expulsion of INGO and UN agencies on 27 March 2014


Current Situation

The expulsion of INGO and UN agencies together with foreign aid workers from Sittwe had created a huge gap in humanitarian aid especially in health. The State Health Director had requested assistance in terms of man power, medical supply and transportation. MERCY Malaysia team from Rakhine consisting of 2 local medical doctors and drivers continue to provide our health service working together with the Myanmar Health Assistant Association team to continue in serving the IDP camps whilst other agencies are still finding ways to return to Sittwe.

The team has a huge task to fill the gaps left from the exclusion of other agencies that had provided health services. The team aiding the IDP camps are on rotation, serving as mobile clinic due to lack of man power to serve in all camps.

Areas Served

Since 4 April 2014, the team had served the following camps including Pak Taw which is an island 3 hour by boat and the camp is 45 minute on foot from the jetty even during Water Festival.