Mercy Corps Market Analysis Unit: Food Insecurity Snapshot: Mrauk U Township – Displaced Persons (May 2021)

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Jonathan Keesecker

This snapshot is based on a phone survey of 293 households in Mrauk U Township of Rakhine State carried out during May 5 - 11. All households were displaced since 2018 as a result of conflict in Central Rakhine State and Southern Chin State, and nearly all remain displaced as of May 2021. The survey focused on household food insecurity and livelihood activities, and the contact rate was 55%. Data from a June 2020 survey of the same households is included in Section III for comparison.

I. Key Highlights

  • Eighty-two percent (82%) of households had a member who did not eat healthily in the past thirty days, and 71% had someone who consumed only a limited variety of food;

  • One in five households ran out of food at some point in the past thirty days, and half said someone ate less than they thought they should;

  • Very few households reported skipping meals in the pasty thirty days, and none reported going whole days without eating;

  • Fifty percent (50%) borrowed food in the past week, and 77% bought food on credit;

  • Since June 2020, the portion of households who reduced meal portions or limited adult meals over seven days more than doubled, rising to 44% and 26%, respectively;

  • Two-thirds expect May-August to be the most difficult months for food access in their household, although concerns reduce steeply afterward;

  • Roughly three-quarters of households expect less work, reduced income, and difficulty purchasing livelihood inputs in the next thirty days;

  • Eighty-seven percent (87%) expect to spend from savings in the next 30 days, and 72% expect to seek new borrowing.