Mapping humanitarian services in Southeast Burma

from Mizzima News
Published on 01 Aug 2012 View Original

The reach of humanitarian organizations serving Burma and Thailand have been mapped by the Thai-Burma Border Consortium (TBBC) and the Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU), showing the organizational reach of services in education, health care and livelihood support sectors.

Information collected by MIMU from agencies registered with the Burmese government has been combined with information collected by TBBC from border-based agencies recognized by non-state armed groups, said the TBBC (see map link below).

The result is a comprehensive mapping of organizational reach with input from 32 agencies funded through Rangoon and 27 agencies funded along the border. However, due to protection and visibility concerns, the data does not include all relevant agencies, said TBBC.

The maps highlight how aid agencies based along the border complement the efforts of agencies based in Rangoon in responding to humanitarian needs.

Given the scale of vulnerabilities and limited funding, the agencies active in each sector have been disaggregated to the township-level to facilitate information sharing and to promote a more coordinated response, the TBBC said.

While the border-based responses are predominately managed by community-based organizations, the maps reflect how initiatives from Rangoon are generally led by United Nations’ agencies and international non-governmental organizations.

As the peace process evolves and opportunities to expand humanitarian access into conflict-affected areas increase, the challenge will be to ensure that international agencies build on the local capacities of these community-managed approaches, said the TBBC.

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