Mandalay Region stores water for El Niño

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THE Mandalay Region government has begun preparing for El Niño, setting aside K300 million (US$242,522) to provide drinking and irrigation water to residents through the upcoming summer.

The government has made arrangements to take preventive measures against heat strokes, water shortages and outbreak of fire since January.

“We have set aside a fund and will spend it to assist people affected by El Niño,” said Mandalay Region Chief Minister U Ye Myint.

More than 100 people died in Mandalay from heat stroke in 2010.

Meanwhile, the Union government has also planned to allocate K2 billion ($1,616,815) to install water tanks in villages in Mandalay Region.

Despite the renovation of dams and reservoirs over last two years, the region is faced with a possible scarcity of water in the coming dry season.

The regional government is on the alert for the possible impacts of El Niño and is ready to send water tankers to rural areas when needed.

Meanwhile, the government asked people to contact local authorities when they need water during the summer.

Aung Thant Khaing