MAF continues to press forward despite setbacks in Myanmar

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MAF's request to bring its Caravan float plane into Myanmar has been rejected by the country's Prime Minister, despite earlier indications that permission would be granted.

"This was discouraging to hear," said John Woodberry, MAF manager of disaster response. "We so desire to help those suffering from the cyclone. So many are desperately in need of help, and so little help is allowed in."

The float plane is capable of flying in food, doctors, medicine and relief workers into the remote delta area of Myanmar that is experiencing so much suffering.

The needs and the situation are similar to those following Cyclone Sidr this past winter in Southern Bangladesh, said Woodberry.

"We keep pressing forward, hoping we can help, and preparing to help if we can," said Woodberry. "Our contact tells us that if we have a letter from an Association of Southeast Asian Nations government (Bangladesh, Thailand, etc.) requesting MAF be able to help, it would be very helpful."

Woodberry said he is asking that the Government of Bangladesh write an official letter to the Government of Myanmar, offering the assistance of MAF, which was so helpful to them during Cyclone Sidr.