Lessons Learned & Way Forward For Resilient Shelter Interventions in Rural Myanmar

Evaluation and Lessons Learned
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The aim of this report was to learn from the post NARGIS shelter recovery interventions, which intended to Build back better and Build back safe through sustainable system of supplying new shelter, repair and retroitting, capacity building of the carpenters, artisans and integrating DRR in the whole process leading to a disaster resilient living for the people of Myanmar.

The key objectives of the study were to a) study the owner driven, NGO and International agencies’ shelter construction, b) identify gaps and opportunities, c) recommend a set of actions including alternative approaches, to enhance efectiveness of Disaster resilient shelter systems in Myanmar. The study was based on, a) desktop research, b) key respondents’ interview, c) agencies’ interview and d) HH survey. Following is the summary of recommendations.