KOFF-Newsletter No. 115 - Myanmar


KOFF – swisspeace

ƒKOFF Roundtable on Economic Activities in Myanmar

ƒ Research into the Differences between Local and International Practice in Myanmar ƒ Reflecting on Political and Economic Developments in Myanmar
ƒ International Justice in Crisis? Taking Stock after the ICTY Acquittals
ƒ Roundtable on Mali: What Approach Could Swiss Organisations Take in the Present Situation?


ƒ Current Peace Dynamics in Myanmar News from Swiss NGOs
ƒ Twenty Years of SWISSAID Activities in Myanmar News from Swiss Government Agencies
ƒ FDFA’s Human Security Programme in Myanmar ƒ SDC Engagement in Myanmar


ƒ Analyses of the Situation in Myanmar Web Tip
ƒ Peacemaker Website Revamped and New African Union Site International Partner Organizations



Myanmar? Many people used to associate this country with the pagodas and temples of Bagan or with a secretive authoritarian military regime. For others, the leader of the political opposition, Aung San Suu Kyi, sprung to mind. Apart from that, the country remained largely unknown. For the past two years, however, Myanmar has been opening up to the outside world and has been undergoing a rapid transformation. Since then it has attracted tremendous interest. Numerous organisations involved in humanitarian aid, development cooperation and peacebuilding as well as many businesses are keen to set up operations there – not to forget the rising numbers of tourists streaming into the country. In this newsletter, analyses of the ongoing process of political reform and in particular of peace negotiations offer a differentiated picture of the situation in Myanmar. Non-governmental organisations and government agencies report on their activities and experiences in the country. The articles reveal that, although there are high hopes for Myanmar, there are also many risks along the road towards a peaceful and democratic country.

Lukas Krienbuehl Editor