KNU to control base army to uphold ceasefire

from Mizzima News
Published on 30 Aug 2013 View Original

The Karen National Union (KNU) Commanders’ Conference has decided on August 29, to keep their army under control and uphold ceasefire with the government during the peace reform period.

The mid-yearly conference was held at the KNU headquarter in Hlaing Bwae township, Karen state from August 26-29.

“In order to preserve the ceasefire agreement and ensure peace, we have given specific orders to our base army commanders. They will have to follow them. In addition the government should not encroach on KNU controlled territories for administration and state military activities”, one of the conference delegates told Mizzima.

KNU commanders reported at the conference that after the ceasefire agreement the government army has increased their military and administrative activities in KNU controlled territory and restricted KNU activities.

The commanders also reported that the government is not earnest in the implementation of the terms of the ceasefire agreement even though it was signed over a year ago.

“We signed the ceasefire agreement as we wanted to enter into political dialogues. They have not withdrawn their army camps which is one of our demands”, said a KNU commander.

At the Union level meeting between the two sides in September 2012, the KNU had asked the government to withdraw 90 out of the 300 government army camps in Division (1) to (7) that fall under territory controlled by the KNU.

Similarly, commanders from the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) held a meeting to deliberate on the ceasefire and ordered its army to stay alert.