KIA blasts trucks, abducts local women, sabotages rails, bridge

from Government of Myanmar
Published on 06 Jan 2013 View Original

Nay Pyi Taw, 6 Jan- KIA blasted trucks, abducted local women, sabotaged railroad and bridges and planted mines in urban area in Kachin State on 2 and 3 January.

A KIA group stopped three trucks carrying cement and iron rod/sheet at the Mile Post No. 91 on Myitkyina- Sumprabum Road and blasted the three trucks and 16 tons of cement and eight tons of iron rod/sheet worth K 9.8 million. The drivers of the trucks were released later.

A KIA group comprising about ten members abducted Ma La Ngan Khaung Naw, 32, Ma La Nay Daung Nywe, 34, and Ma La Ton Yein Hmyaw, 28, of Nant Wah Village, Waimaw Township, around 12.15 pm on 3 January.

Around 7.30 pm on that day, KIA fired heavy artilleries to troops who are providing security to rail transportation at Mile Post No. 620-8/9 between Kardu and Mawhan villages in Mohnyin Township.

There was no causalities nor damages to the rails in the attack. However, the Express Up-train No.40 en-route from Mandalay to Myitkyina had to stop at Mawhan Station and it could proceed to Mohnyin around 9.30 pm.

Similarly, a KIA group blew up an iron-reinforced bailey bridge which is 280 ft long and 12 ft wide on across the Manyut Creek on Bhamo-Mansi Road, collapsing about 20 ft of the bridge and leading to a halt in traffic.

Besides, a mine exploded near the Mile Post No. 378/3 and 378/4 on the Bhamo-Myitkyina Road around 11 pm and another mine about 100 yards west of the first blast site on 3 January.

There was no causalities due to the blasts, but the blasts damaged some concrete and iron structures.

According to local authority, KIA set off the mines in attempts to attack convoys on the assumption that convoys would pass that area.- MNA