Kanpetlet Township November/December 2011


  1. Methodology of the survey

The post-harvest assessment was conducted during 3 weeks in November and December 2011 by SI field team, composed by one Food Security supervisor and 3 field agents. The data collection was done through structured questionnaires at household level (See Annex 1), focus group discussions, direct observation as well as a rapid and small-scale market survey.

The survey was carried out in 25 villages in Kanpetlet Township: 15 on Kanpetlet side and 10 on Kindway side. The choice of those villages was mainly done considering time and access constraints. As time and access were limited, the assessed villages have been chosen as they were deemed representatives of the whole area. All these villages benefited from SI previous project. In each of those villages, 10 to 12% of HH were interviewed, for a total of 119 households surveyed. All the interviewed people received support from SI. However, not all of them received seeds (either paddy or corn), which allowed for a comparison regarding the harvest results.

The main objectives of this assessment were:

  • To assess quantity and quality of 2011 harvest

  • To enhance understanding of food security situation and vulnerability of households in this area.

  • To enhance understanding of rural livelihoods, identify factors of risk and vulnerable pockets

  • To make recommendations regarding food security interventions in 2012.