Kachin and Northern Shan Cluster Monthly Review April 2014


North Shan and South Kachin: a new small scale energency…

Fighting between Myanmar army and KIA has taken place on 10th April at the border of Kachin and North Shan States. As a consequence, about 2700 people were displaced in different settings including one existing IDPs locations, three new IDPs locations and Host families requiring then different types of WASH interventions. Inter-sectors assessments have been undertaken in these locations except in Host families for which WASH situation needs to be better assessed and require further assessment capacity due to their geographical spread. This crisis mobilized mainly 5 NGOs in WASH sector. The WASH response has included the distribution of more than 500 HKs, the construction of about 50 emergency latrines, the installation of emergency water supply facilities and the organization of Ad Hoc HP activities. Based on wash cluster member’s feedback, the emergency response didn’t exceed the overall operational and financial capacity of the WASH actors that could cope with the situation at least in the new IDPs locations. The WASH situation in the existing location which saw its population increased by 50% is more challenging. Lack of available space for additional WASH facilities and plan to move the new IDPs in another location made challenging WASH interventions. Besides, security issues have prevented some WASH focal agencies from undertaking WASH activities in their IDPs locations and the best positioned WASH actors to provide emergency WASH response were those having already existing offices / branches in the close surrounding of the affected locations. This situation led to a slight reshuffle of WASH focal agencies in the areas affected by the crisis.