Myanmar + 3 more

IOM Myanmar COVID-19 Response Situation Report 8, 12 June 2020


13,539 migrants returned from Thailand through border checkpoints from 1 to 10 June

3,354 migrants returned from China through border checkpoints from 1 to 10 June


Returns from Thailand and China continued in the past two weeks, with 13,539 and 3,354, respectively, from 1 to 10 June. A total of 99,058 migrants returned through border checkpoints from 22 March to 10 June, including 62,647 returns from Thailand (22 March—10 June), 36,280 returns from China (16 April—10 June), and 131 returns from Lao PDR (8 May).
An additional 4,105 Myanmar nationals returned via Government-assisted relief flights from various countries in the region and beyond, including 95 from Germany on 4 June, over 130 from Republic of Korea, Canada, and the United States on 6 June, over 80 seamen working for a Norwegian cruise liner on 7 June, and 170 from Belgium,
Canada, Spain, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, France and the US on 8 June.
The Thai cabinet approved visa extensions until 31 July for about 1 million migrant workers from Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar to ease potential labour shortages as the country’s economy reopens. 6,108 migrants have returned to Bago Region from Thailand, the highest number of returnees across all states and regions.
Between 5 and 12 June, five cases of COVID-19 involving returns with recent travel history from Bangladesh, were identified in Rakhine State. Four of the cases have been quarantined in Maungdaw Township, and one asymptomatic case in Buthidaung Township.