IHH sends emergency aid to flood stricken Arakan

from IHH
Published on 10 Aug 2015 View Original

Myanmar is suffering from the worst flood in recent years. It is said that the torrential rains, which has continued for three consecutive weeks, have affected millions and the death toll has exceeded 100 people. Those who live less disadvantaged regions have been affected the most as many people are trapped in their homes and are desperately waiting for aid. It is reported that close to 50 people have died in the state of Arakan, which is known to be the most affected by the floods.

Meanwhile, the Komen hurricane has also caused disaster in the town as many homes have been destroyed and thousands of people have been evacuated. Close to 140 thousand Muslims, who live in run down camps in the province, is amongst those who have been severely affected the torrential rains and floods.

IHH team at Arakan

IHH began emergency relief work in the disaster stricken region by sending a team of three people to Arakan. The IHH team first visited the camps in the region and with the support of Qatar RAF, Qatar AID and Al-Imdaad the team distributed tents and food aid to two seperate refugee camps. At the Ohn Taw Gyi Camp, 450 people received tents and 400 families received food packages. Similarly, in the Nget Chaung Campm 304 received food aid. Due to the heavy damages to highways, railways and bridges, it is hard to reach certain regions.