The ICRC in Myanmar

The ICRC began working in Myanmar in 1986 providing physical rehabilitation for mine victims and other disabled people.

From 1999 until the end of 2005, ICRC delegates carried out regular visits to detainees in prisons and labour camps but since 2006 the authorities have not permitted the organization to continue this activity according to its standard procedures applied worldwide.

In addition, the authorities have imposed restrictions on the ICRC's ability to conduct assistance and protection activities on behalf of vulnerable people living in sensitive border areas.

The ICRC continues to support the physical rehabilitation activities of six orthopaedic centres run by the authorities and jointly runs a seventh centre with the Myanmar Red Cross.

The ICRC also supports family visits to detainees and works to enhance the effectiveness of the Myanmar Red Cross Society.

Presence (2007) 183 staff, including 14 expatriates.