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Humanitarian Implementation Plan (HIP) Myanmar/Burma and Thailand (ECHO/WWD/BUD/2014/01000) Last update 29/10/2013 Version 1


The activities proposed hereafter are still subject to the adoption of the financing decision ECHO/WWD/BUD/2014/01000

AMOUNT: EUR 18000000


Myanmar has a population of circa 55 million people, of which 40% are ethnic minorities. There are 135 different ethnic groups divided into 8 major ethnic national races. Net official development assistance (ODA) in 2011 was USD 376 000 000 or USD 7.7 per capita (OECD). DG ECHO's Integrated Analysis Framework for 2013-14 identified extreme humanitarian needs in Myanmar. The vulnerability of the population affected by the crisis is assessed to be very high.

Country Status in DG ECHO's Global Needs Assessment: Vulnerability Index- 3 and Crisis Index- 3. HDI (Human Development Index) ranking: 149.

Since the national elections two years ago, the country is in transition from authoritarian military regime to nascent democratic governance with a market oriented economy and national engagement in peace efforts on the border areas after 60 years of conflict. Although a national census is due in 2014, lack of reliable official data and access constraints remain impediments for efficient humanitarian aid delivery.

The European Commission's Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (DG ECHO's) country strategy addresses the needs of the most vulnerable people affected by violence and conflict. Focus will continued to be on Rakhine and Kachin States, the eastern border, and the refugee camps in Thailand.