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Humanitarian Implementation Plan (HIP) Myanmar/Burma and Thailand (ECHO/-XA/BUD/2013/91000) Last update 15/11/2013 Version 2



After three missed harvests in Kachin State and two in Rakhine State and a serious disruption of the market dynamics in the conflict and violence affected areas, the livelihood situation of the displaced communities is dire and coping mechanisms have been exhausted. The economic prospects do not show a quick recovery trend. Continued food assistance, livelihood support and productive assets are urgently needed for all displaced families.

The food commodities pipeline, before the most recent fighting in Kachin and outburst of violence in Rakhine States, was estimated to be acceptable up until January 2014, with the initial rate of distribution taking into account restrictions on access to non-government controlled areas in Kachin State. However, due to new displacements and some opening in access for humanitarian convoys, the food stocks will be depleted earlier, with a pipeline break as consequence. Acknowledging that at least 1-2 months are necessary to provide the food commodities at State level, new supply orders have to be placed without delay.

In view of the increased humanitarian needs as outlined above, the European Commission will increase by EUR 3 000 000 the budget of the 2013 HIP. The additional funding will be used to respond to needs related to food assistance, nutrition and livelihood support for people affected by violence and conflict in Rakhine, Kachin and northern Shan States.