HARP-F Functionality Review


Executive Summary

The Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Programme Facility (HARP-F) has been the principal pillar of the UK’s humanitarian assistance in Myanmar. Launched in 2016, the Facility acted as both a grantfunding mechanism and a knowledge platform for the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO, formerly DFID). It is managed through a contract with Crown Agents. The facility provides funding for humanitarian assistance on behalf of the UK government, with the FCDO involved in strategic decisions and some approvals, but has its own distinct identity and is managerially and operationally independent. Until 2021, the UK Aid branding was not used by HARP-F partners in relation to HARP-F funds, to allow the Facility impartiality. This contributed to perceptions that the HARP Facility and the FCDO were separate entities.
As part of HARP-F knowledge component, a functional review was commissioned, in order to understand how the design, processes and structures of HARP-F have contributed to its ability to deliver humanitarian assistance and its impact, and to provide forward-looking recommendations that discuss how the benefits of HARP-F can be sustained in future funding for localised humanitarian responses in Myanmar. The Operations Partnership (OP) was selected to conduct the review. The review was designed to provide ‘a systematic and impartial examination of humanitarian action intended to draw lessons to improve policy and practice and enhance accountability’.