Foods shortage, facing for livelihood in Maungdaw

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Rohingya Muslims are not getting adequate food and facing difficulties with their livelihood in Maungdaw Township due to lack of work and movement restriction, Rahamat, an elder said from his locality.

Mostly Rohingya are farmers and fishermen in the community, they have been blocked to go to fishing after October 9, and most of the farm lands were seized by the authorities, he more added.

Government is asking to registered the fishermen to go to the sea to catch the fishing. When Rohingya fishermen went to register, the authority asked to show the NVC – National Verification Card, which was issued for foreigner – and the Rohingya community denied to hold NVC – light green card, said Mohin, an activist of Rohingya well-fare organization. “Even Rohingya community want to move his village to another, he need the NVC card,”

According to Mohin,he visited in different villages and observed the situation of Rohingyas in Maungdaw Townships on April 1. On his survey, he found that many families including widows are starving along with their children.

A widow, Shona Mehar (32), wife of late Rohim Ullah along with three children are not getting adequate food, they eat once per day, but they have no food for the next day. They are begging from door to door for their survivals, Mohin added.

Mohin also said that hundreds of families are not able to feed their children and they have no work to support their family members. Even, they can’t eat dried fish as their children become vitamin deficiency.

According to villagers, “We are facing many difficulties from our survivals and movement restrictions.”