Food Security Update - September 2013

Situation Report
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Early Warning and Situation Reports

Purpose and Interpretation: Food Security Updates (FSUs) have two key components; 1) an Early Warning (EW) section and 2) a Situation Report (SitRep) from main States and Regions. The EW section outlines the key events occurring throughout Myanmar that are currently impacting the food security situation. By highlighting these events, it is possible to identify townships where food security status is likely to deteriorate in the short term, facilitating decision-making and response. Methodologically, WFP classifies the severity of shocks as Low, Moderate or High, depending on the likelihood that a shock is significant enough to result in deteriorations in key food security indicators as defined by the Food Security Information Network (FSIN). Indicator scores are then summed to determine a shock severity score. This methodology is summarized below. The SitRep, by contrast, provides general information on a monthly basis about the food security situation in key Regions and States in Myanmar. SitReps summarize the evolving food security situation and help provide context to more in-depth FSIN periodic monitoring rounds.

Source of information: Information included in Food Security Updates (FSUs) comes from a variety of sources, including observations from field staff, information from assessment activities, community reports or requests for assistance, government requests for action and information from media outlets.
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