Flood inundates over 4,000 houses in Kawlin, kills two in Wuntho

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By Man Zar Myay Mon

The local residents from Kawlin said that the rising water level in Daungmyu creek flooded Kawlin town and inundated over 4,000 houses and later receded in the morning of June 10.

Heavy rainstorms in the town caused flood starting in the evening of June 8 and the entire town was inundated for the whole day of June 9.

Local resident in Kawlin, Aung Myo, said: “There are about 5,000 houses in the whole town and of which over 4,300 houses were inundated. But no one had to be evacuated. The flood inundated the ground floor and the people had to move to upper floors. That’s all. The flood water has receded this morning.”

Kawlin Township General Administration Department Administrator Ye Myat Tint said that they were doing clean up work in the town and they had to clean the wells which were filled with floodwater and mud.

“We are holding a meeting this morning for rehabilitation works as the floodwater has receded. The local people are familiar with this situation and they are much aware of this disaster and stay on full alert. The town did not have much damage as the houses in the city are built high,” he added.

Floodwaters of four to five feet are normal at this time of year.

Heavy rains flooded Kawlin and Wuntho on the evening of June 8. Two people in Wuntho town were washed away and killed by the floodwaters.