Factors Influencing Misconduct Reporting in Kachin, Myanmar

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About this document

The purpose of this document is to provide a summary of the critical factors that influence decision-making behaviour related to misconduct reporting in Kachin, Myanmar, based on a human-centred approach.

The intended primary audience includes the accountability, safeguarding and technology teams from Oxfam Great Britain (OGB) and members of the Oxfam in Myanmar country offices. This document is also intended for other humanitarian audiences interested in understanding the critical factors that influence misconduct reporting in Kachin.

There are four sections to this document. The first section provides some background information on this initiative and the approach guiding this work. The second section provides specific details on the research process, ethical considerations and limitations. The third section presents a summary of the key findings and themes. The fourth and final section offers some high-level recommendations for moving forward.