El Niño may still bring high crop yields

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THE Magway Region Agriculture Department is bracing for El Niño by assisting local farmers in fast-growing crops.

The Agriculture Department has stored around 4,000 baskets of fast-growing seeds.

The department will provide the seeds at cost and demonstrate agricultural methods to the farmers.
It will hold discussion with farmers on the plants they should choose for various weather conditions. “These seeds don’t need too much irrigation water because they can mature in a short time, and we do not need to worry about the yield,” said U Khin Maung Win, director of the Agriculture Department.
The department said it will negotiate with the Irrigation Department to ensure that farms in the region have sufficient water to grow their crops.

“The department is seeking to ensure that both drinking water and irrigation water are available in the villages. Farmers also need to cooperate to get better irrigation in the fields,” said the one agricultural expert.