Dooplaya Situation Update: Kyainseikgyi Township, July to August 2017

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This Situation Update describes events occurring in Kyainseikgyi Township, Dooplaya District during the period between July and August 2017, including a violent threat incident, land disputes, development projects, education, livelihoods and healthcare.

  • On July 15th 2017, in B--- Village, Noh Ta Khaw village tract, a drunken Karen National Union (KNU) forestry area administrator named Saw Nay Htaw threatened to shoot civilian Maung A--- after falling off of Maung A---‘s motorcycle.

  • Naw Eh La Htoo, who lives in D--- village, Kyainseikgyi Township, Dooplaya District, sold locally-used land illegally, without possessing land titles. On February 12th 2017, after she illegally sold land to Saw E---, villagers and village leaders reported the case to KNU Township level leaders and are currently trying to resolve the dispute.

  • Educational challenges in Kyainseikgyi Township include a shortage of available teachers, tension between Karen and Burma/Myanmar government teachers and the inability of some students to continue their studies in Burma/Myanmar government schools.

  • Several villages in Kyainseikgyi Township report limited support for local development projects and request greater financial and material support to implement local development projects.