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Dooplaya Interview: Naw A---, Interview | U Fm--- (male, 53), Fn--- village, Dwe Lo Township, Hpapun District (November 2016)


This Interview with U Fm--- describes his perspective events occurring in Dwe Lo Township, Hpapun District in November 2016, including education, healthcare, fighting, killing cases, land confiscation, a lack of justice, military activity, freedom of movement and the human rights situation. This interview was conducted for KHRG’s thematic report, ‘Foundation of Fear: 25 years of villagers’ voices from southeast Myanmar’.

  • U Fm--- describes killing cases committed by Tatmadaw soldiers occurring in Fn---village, in Dwe Lo Township, Hpapun District before the 2012 preliminary ceasefire. There was no justice for victims because the Burma/Myanmar police force did not take any action against the perpetrators.

  • U Fm--- states that he had to flee his village, Fn----village, due to ighting between the Karen National Liberation Army and the Tatmadaw which occurred in 1994. He returned to his village to work on his land, despite the unstable situation, because he was unable to support his livelihood while living in other villages.

  • U Fm--- states that villagers cannot have full access to justice for human rights abuses because perpetrators are powerful actors, villagers want the perpetrators to be put in jail.

  • Fn--- villagers have a lack of freedom of movement due to the presence of army camps based near the village. Therefore, villagers demand army camps to withdraw from their local area.

  • Fn--- villagers do not have access to their land as they do not have land grants from the Burma/Myanmar government and the Karen National Union, so they worry that their land will be confiscated. Therefore, villagers want the Karen National Union and the Burma/Myanmar government to provide land grants for them.