Cross border aid campaign for Burma's eastern border states

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Union Aid Abroad APHEDA recently supported our partners from medical and womens organisations based on the Thai Burma Border to come to Australia and lobby for cross border aid.

APHEDA believes that cross border aid (aid from Thailand based community organisations that benefits communities still living in Burma) is essential.

These communities are living in conflict zones in Burma where aid programs based in Burma, operating via Rangoon, cannot reach them - because of the conflict and also because the military junta block access to these areas.

APHEDA is supporting the campaign to question the Australian Government and AusAID about their funding program to Burma and to ask them to allow agencies like APHEDA and our border based partners to use AusAID funding to reach these communities desperate for aid.

Please join our campaign to have AusAID's policy around cross border aid revised to include cross border aid, so that communities living in conflict zones and internally displaced people can be assisted with essential aid

You can support cross border aid by joining the campaign today.

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