Crisis averted — Diversion canal to save 300,000 acres from flooding

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A diversion canal is being built in Zalun, Ayeyawady Region, to prevent the flooding of over 300,000 acres of farmland and residential property. The canal is expected to be completed before the upcoming rainy season.

To satisfy the demand of local residents, the diversion canal and preventive measures against the erosion of the Ayeyawady River will be completed before the upcoming rainy season, said President U Thein Sein yesterday during a visit to the site.

The embankment of the Ayeyawady River near Wathala and Maydon villages in ZalunTownship faces the threat of collapse due to the effects of erosion.

President U Thein Sein pledged that the government would give compensation for land and crops to farmers whose land the canal will pass through.

He also stressed that any farmland created by the canal should also be given to local farmers.

The diversion canal willspan more than 300 acres, but it will prevent more than 300,000 acres from flooding. The canal and preventive measures against erosion are being builtwith grants from the national disaster fund.

Construction work on the canal began on 29 January 2016.

Myanmar News Agency