Baseline survey: Economic Recovery and Market System, Kachin State – NGCA area, January 2015

Project: Emergency WaSH assistance and Food Security and Livelihoods support to vulnerable population affected by conflicts in Rakhine and Kachin State.


The beneficiary baseline survey was implemented in the frame of economic recovery and market system (ERMS) activities for improving the income and livelihoods of the targeted beneficiaries in short and long term.

The baseline survey aims to get a better and complete understanding of the IGA (ERMS) beneficiaries from Lai Za area (NGCA), in the following camps: Woi Chyai, Je Yang and Hpum Lum Yang. The data collection and data entry was done by the livelihood team. The baseline findings will allow the team to identify baseline indicators of the IGA beneficiaries and measure the impact of the project after the project by end-line.