Baseline survey: Agriculture - January, Kachin State

Project: Emergency WASH assistant and Livelihood support to vulnerable population affected by conflicts in Rakhine and Kachin States

Donor: OFDA


The beneficiary baseline survey was implemented in the frame of the development of small scale vegetable production units in camps.

The baseline survey aims to get a better and complete understanding of the home-garden and bagriculture beneficiaries from Momauk and Waing Maw townships, (NGCA) area, such as Woi Chyai, Je Yang and Hpum Lum Yang Camps. The information collected therefore only refers to beneficiaries selected by KBC-FS team, based on vulnerability criteria identified with the communities. It does not represent the entire population of IDPs of the camps of intervention, who may have regular sources of income and food along the year. The baseline findings will allow the team to identify baseline indicators and measure the impact of the project.