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Asia and the Pacific: Weekly Regional Humanitarian Snapshot (24 - 31 July 2018)



As of 28 July, 16,250 people have been affected by flooding in Attapeu Province following the impact of Tropical Storm Son Tinh that caused the Xepien-Xenamnoyu hydroelectric dam in Sanamxay District to break. 19 people are known to have died and more than 7,300 people have been displaced and are living in temporary shelters. Roads, bridges, schools and agricultural land has been damaged or destroyed, and most of the affected area remains cut off except by boat. There is an urgent need for food, sanitation and hygiene support, housing repair kits and psychosocial support.

16,250 people affected


Flood waters caused by the break of Xepien-Xenamnoyu dam in southern Lao PDR are flowing downstream, resulting in the evacuation of more than 5,600 people in Stung Treng Province, northern Cambodia. As of 31 July, no people have been reported dead or missing. The water level at Stung Treng is at 10.7m and forecast to reach flood level within five days. Local authorities are distributing relief items and NGOs have deployed staff to assist in monitoring the situation.


On 29 July 2018, a 6.4 M earthquake with its epicenter 47 km northeast of Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara hit the north coast of Lombok Island. The shaking was felt in Lombok, Bali and Sumbawa. As of 30 July, 14 people are known to have died and 162 people have been injured. The most severely impacted area is East Lombok District where 10 people died, and 67 people were injured. As of 30 July, there had been 124 aftershocks of smaller magnitude.


Following Tropical Storm Son Tinh, 27 people have been killed, 7 people are missing and 26 have been injured. In addition, 12,400 houses have been damaged, inundated or destroyed following flash floods, landslides and heavy flooding in northern Viet Nam. Widespread damage to infrastructure, agriculture and shelter has been reported, and access to the affected areas remains difficult. Immediate needs have been identified as cash for essential commodities, clean water and food, as well as basic support through hygiene kits.


On 25 July, 463mm of rain fell in Cox’s Bazar (CXB), a record amount of rain for a single day.
More than 4,400 refugees living in the camps in CXB were impacted by the heavy rains, including 3,100 people affected by landslides, almost 700 people affected by floods and 510 people by water logging. Shelters, waterpoints and latrines have been damaged and are no longer useable. Since 11 May when the monsoon season began, 49,000 have been impacted by the effects of the monsoon, including over 6,000 people who have been displaced.


Heavy monsoon rains in the past week have resulted in floods in seven states and regions. Bago Region, Kayin State and Mon State are the most affected areas. As of 30 July, at least eleven people have died and about 122,000 have been temporarily evacuated to safer locations. Displaced people are sheltering in 288 evacuation sites or are staying with relatives and host families.
The Government is leading the response, in cooperation with state/regional authorities as well as the UN, NGOs and civil society.

122,000 people displaced


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