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Asia and the Pacific: Weekly Regional Humanitarian Snapshot (17 - 23 July 2018)

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Armed clashes and insecurity in Shan State have displaced more than 2,800 people since 9 July in Namtu, Mongkaing, and Namhkan townships. Fighting has been reported between the Myanmar Army and the Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA), as well as between the RCSS/SSA and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA). Displaced people sheltered in religious sites where Government authorities, national NGOs, local civil society organizations, and private donors provided them with assistance, including food, relief items, and cash assistance. As of 23 July, most of the displaced people had reportedly returned to their places of origin

2,800 people displaced


In Hirat City, Hirat, humanitarian teams identified more than 51,000 people who have recently migrated to the city from drought-affected areas in neighbouring Badghis and Ghor provinces. The families are living in dozens of sites on the outskirts of the cities in makeshift shelters. In Qala-e-Naw, Bagdhis, teams identified nearly 7,000 people who have moved from rural areas to the provincial capital due to the drought. Cash distributions have started for these displaced families. The Government has distributed wheat grain to 15,000 families in four districts of Badghis, and WFP is preparing to distribute 1,250 metric tons of food in two districts of the same province.


Flooding in northern and central Viet Nam has reportedly resulted in the deaths of 20 people following the impact of tropical storm Son Tinh. More than 100 houses have reportedly been destroyed and 4,000 houses have been flooded. Over 82,000 hectares of agricultural land has been destroyed and around 17,000 livestock killed. There is an ongoing risk of landslides in northern Viet Nam and in the areas close to the border with Lao PDR, with higher than average rainfall forecast for northern Lao PDR.


  • As of 22 July, a total of 389 hotspots in 24 provinces have been reported, including 142 in West Kalimantan and 86 in Riau. Four provinces, South Sumatera, Riau, West Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan, have declared emergency readiness status for haze and forest fires.

  • On 21 July, a 5.5 M earthquake, with a depth of 10 km struck Padang City and Solok District, West Sumatera. One person was killed, and three people were injured.


Heavy rain caused flooding in western parts of the country. Bayan-Ulgii is the worst affected province. As of 19 July, approximately 2,500 people were severely affected. Damage is reported to roads, shelters and homes. Those evacuated are using school dormitories as temporary shelter. The Government is providing shelter, drinking water, and support in logistics and waste management.

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