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Asia and the Pacific: Weekly Regional Humanitarian Snapshot (13 - 19 December 2016)



Local humanitarian organizations estimate up to 15,000 people may have been displaced into China since 20 November, as a result of fighting between armed ethnic groups and the Myanmar Military. A further 2,400 people from northern Shan have been displaced within Myanmar. Needs in Myanmar are mostly being met by local community based organizations with some support from INGOs.

Unconfirmed reports suggest approximately 400 IDPs have been evacuated from Mung Lai Hkyet camp (Woi Chyoi area) after mortars landed near the camp on 18 December, damaging three shelters and a building. No casualties were reported. Evacuees are said to be staying with host families and at schools in Laiza town. Due to a protracted lack of humanitarian access, the UN has not been able to independently verify these figures.


Following days of torrential rains in Manado City in North Sulawesi Province, landslides and floods occurred in several villages, leading to five deaths between 15 and 16 December. There are no reports of injuries and displacements. Local government and stakeholders are providing basic humanitarian assistance to affected villages.


A 7.9M earthquake hit Papua New Guinea on 17 December at 8:51pm local time (10:51 UTC.)
The epicentre was located between New Ireland and Buka (Bougainville) islands at a depth of depth 73.4 km. A tsunami warning of waves up to 3m was issued but later lifted, and people who left their homes for higher ground have now returned.


Heavy rainfall since 13 December has caused severe flooding in Central and South-Central Vietnam and parts of the Central Highlands. 15 people are known to have died and four people are missing. Almost 112,000 houses have been damaged. Rice fields have been flooded and roads, bridges and other infrastructure destroyed. Government-led search and rescue, and relief operations are on-going.


Heavy rain and strong winds are affecting Fiji due to Tropical Depression 04F which was located to the west of Fiji as of 19 December. Some 1,363 people have been evacuated to 86 evacuation centres following flash floods. In central division areas water supplies have been cut off and power outages have been reported. In the Northern Division, the Government is providing emergency food rations to Qamea Island.


As of 14 December, 24,205 people in the town of Butig, Lanao del Sur province, remain displaced following clashes between opposing non-state armed groups on 10 December. The displaced are staying with relatives and friends in Butig and three neighbouring municipalities, and 11,160 people need assistance. Fighting has decreased since 12 December enabling government-led relief operations to begin.


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