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Asia and the Pacific: Weekly Regional Humanitarian Snapshot (10 - 16 November 2015)

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Up to 6,000 people remain displaced following fighting that broke out between the Myanmar military and Shan State Army North in central Shan State in early Oct. Those displaced are staying in monasteries and IDP camps.

Continued fighting over the past week has reportedly caused both new and secondary displacement, although confirmed figures are not yet available and the situation remains fluid. An inter-agency mission was able to reach one temporary IDP site but was unable to reach other locations due to ongoing fighting. Assessments by INGOs and local CSOs identified immediate needs in shelter, hygiene kits, clothing, blankets, food, health, and water and sanitation.

INGOs and local organisations are providing assistance to those displaced, but further assistance is needed.

6,000 people displaced


On 8 Nov, clan conflict erupted in Maguindanao province, displacing 400 families (2,000 people), who are hosted in surrounding areas. The Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council distributed relief supplies to the affected families.

2,000 people displaced


Drought is affecting large parts of the country. The situation is most severe on Bellona island (pop 700). The situation there is critical, impacting on water availability and food gardens. It is estimated that 70-100 per cent of crops are damaged due to extreme heat. All three schools are closed. Other areas of concern are Rennell, Makira and Central.OCHA is supporting the NDMO with the collection, collation and analysis of assessment data.

70 - 100% of crops damaged


The WASH cluster warns of a looming water crisis in the country with 40 per cent of surveyed communities reporting that they expect to run out of drinking water within 14 days of being assessed. Immediate priorities include establishing emergency water supplies and restoring damaged water systems, promotion of household water treatment and increased public advocacy on drought mitigation strategies. OCHA is supporting the NDMO with analysis of assessment data.

40% of communities expecting water shortages


Nearly 79,000 people in 11 districts are affected by heavy rain all over the country since 13 Nov. Currently, 15,000 people are displaced in 77 welfare centers. So far flooding has caused 1 death , which occurred in Kilinochchi. A total of 63 houses were destroyed and 1,200 are reported as partially damaged.

79,000 people affected


Torrential rains over 12-16 Nov caused flooding in several locations in West Java, Central Java, West Sumatra and Jakarta. One person died in Bogor from electrocution and thousands of houses were inundated, although without significant damage. Over the same period landslides occurred in Central Java, West Java and Aceh province, causing one death, two injuries and dozens of damaged houses.


An EQ occurred off the coast of Kagoshima Prefecture (Magnitude 7.0 / Depth 10km), and it triggered a small tsunami of 30cm high around the small islands near from the epicentre. There were no reports of casualties or major damage.

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