Myanmar + 19 more

ACTED Newsletter #83 June 2013 [EN/FR]


FOCUS - South and South-East Asia


Myanmar: Reinforcing resilience
Sri Lanka: Women leading development
Philippines: A slow reconstruction process after the typhoon in Mindanao
Cambodia: The novelty of a toilet
Kyrgyzstan: Support to local agro initiatives
Afghanistan: Sound water management improves local economy
Pakistan: Improving food security through kitchen gardens in Sindh
Iraq: Syria child refugees can play in a new safe space
Jordan: The mobilisation goes on
Kenya: Women create a cooperative to sell honey and provide for their families
Uganda: Improving pastoralist livelihoods through experimental learning
Sudan: Darfur on the road to economic development
South Sudan: In pictures: ACTED’s mobilisation for the refugees
CAR: Successful fair leads to progress on food security project
DRC: Unconditional cash transfers to mitigate vulnerability
Cote d’Ivoire: Auto-entrepreneurship is fruitful for Ivorian economy / Reconciliation through dialogue and economic support
Chad: Full stomach, well-educated mind
Niger: Food distributions in the Abala refugee camp: Happy kids, happy mums
Mali: Urgent relief for 25,000 IDPs and host community members


REACH: Typhoon-affected communities forgotten in the Philippines

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2015: Setting the fight against hunger as a Goal