Act Appeal: Myanmar - Rakhine: Assistance to IDPs - MYR131 (Revision 1)

from ACT Alliance
Published on 14 Jan 2014 View Original

Appeal Target: US$ 1,313,176

Income / Pledges: US$ 739,338

Balance Requested: US$ 573,838

Geneva, 14 January 2014

Dear Colleagues,

The inter-communal conflict in Rakhine State in June and October 2012 resulted in a significant number of people displaced and loss of lives and livelihoods throughout the state. As of November 2013, the number of people displaced in Sittwe Township alone is 93,707. Of these, about 4.5% displaced are Buddhist, Maramargyi and Hindu while 95.5% are Muslims. As of November 2013 all the Muslim IDPs have received temporary shelter in camps while 631 Rakhine and Buddhist HHs (3,002 IDPs) have received individual houses in urban Sittwe and 257 Maramargyi and Hindu HHs (1,245 IDPs) are still living in the temporary shelters called long houses. These temporary shelters consist of bamboo structures and iron sheet roofing. One long house shelters 8-10 HHs/families.

The living conditions of IDPs in Rakhine State remain below international standards. Basic services such as food, nutrition, health services, livelihood and education are insufficient; and access to psychosocial support and fire protection services also need to be strengthened in the coming year. Access to livelihoods and basic services has continuously been limited for Muslim IDPs with restricted movement outside the camp. Humanitarian agencies, including the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Myanmar Program in coordination with government counterparts, are providing life-saving assistance to the IDPs.

In addition to this, agencies are also advocating and expressing their concern over the long-term separation of the communities and reiterating the need to consider mainstreaming reconciliation efforts to ensure smooth recovery, reconciliation, peace building and sustainable development efforts of the state.

ACT Myanmar member, Lutheran World Federation (LWF) has revised the original MYR131 Appeal (issued 11 June 2013) to upscale and extend some of their ongoing interventions as well as take forward the recommendations of the psycho-social assessment carried out by two consultants seconded by Church of Sweden. LWF also wishes to ensure that all the activities are streamlined with two other LWF interventions outside the ACT appeal – the UNHCR supported project focussing on camp management and the EU-Children of Peace Initiative funded through Finnish Church Aid. Both projects began on 1 January 2014 and will finish on 30 June 2014 and 31 December 2014 respectively.