3W Comparison Analysis 2020 and 2021 (August 2021)

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What is the 3W

The “Who does What Where” database, or 3W, is a tool which tracks the implementation of humanitarian and development projects to support coordination, planning and efficient use of resources. In Myanmar, the 3W is compiled by the Myanmar Information Management Unit every six months, based on reports provided voluntarily by contributing agencies. Given the changing situation, there has been a 9-month gap since the last 3W round documenting agencies activities as of August 28th 2020.

The MIMU 3W is actually a “5W” in that it shows:

  • which organizations (WHO),

  • are carrying out which activities (WHAT),

  • in which locations (WHERE),

  • project status – whether planned, ongoing or completed (WHEN)

  • project beneficiary focus (for WHOM) – whether focused on IDPs or other vulnerable communities.

Comparison Analysis

This analysis reviews the reach of agencies’ activities reported in the 3W rounds in 2020 and 2021:

1) 3W updates as of 28th February 2020

2) 3W updates as of 28th August 2020

3) 3W updates as of 31st May 2020

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