World Vision Mozambique continues food aid in 2004

from World Vision
Published on 23 Jan 2004
"World Vision will continue to implement a food aid programme under food for work and vulnerable group feeding for 80,800 people until March 2004, and the UNICEF Supplementary Feeding programme until February 2004," says Anthea Spinks, WV Mozambique's Emergency and Relief Manager.
The programme will continue to focus on Tete province and periodic assessments will be made in World Vision's Area Development Programmes in Gaza, as the need arises. Spinks adds that: "This will certainly be a challenging year for the WV Mozambique Emergency Response and Disaster Management team. The implementation of the WFP Food Aid Programme is scheduled to continue until March 2004, however there are growing signs that the food crisis is not yet over in Mozambique."

Spinks states the main challenges for 2004 will be the likelihood of an ongoing drought situation in the centre and south of Mozambique. To make things worse, she explains, "Tete province, where WV Mozambique currently has its major relief operations, is one of the most drought prone areas of the country and is one of the hardest hit areas this time round. There are growing concerns in many areas for southern Tete, as the expected rainfall has not materialised. " This combined with the fact that Tete has some of the country's highest HIV prevalence rates does not predict a positive change in the near future

As an organisation that started operating in Mozambique as far back as 1983 at the peak of one of the worst humanitarian emergencies ever faced by the country, WV Mozambique is only too aware about how critical it is that the integration of relief and development activities and mind-sets take place as soon as possible. It is not a country where the two concepts can be separated and the last few years have highlighted this in a dramatic way.