WHO donation - prefabricated clinic to the Sofala Provincial Health Directorate: WHO’s support to alleviate suffering of pregnant women who had to walk 37 kilometers to the referral hospital

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BEIRA, Mozambique – The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially handed over a prefabricated clinic to Sofala Provincial Health Directorate (DPS). This will facilitate access to adequate health services for the population of Inhajou.

The WHO-donated clinic is equipped with air conditioning and washbasins; it has an area of 36 square meters (a waiting room, a small storage room and a patient care area), two toilets with dishes and is budgeted at 2,993,782.02 meticais (about USD 48,000). It will serve over 7,000 people including 2,186 from Inhajou’s resettlement site, while the rest will come from surrounding areas such as Inhamita, Begaja, Bandua and Nhabemba.

“The population of this neighbourhood has long been in need of a health facility as the nearest health facility was 18 km away. This clinic will function as a maternity ward and alleviate the suffering of the population,” said Aluísio Gonzaga Pio, Head of DPS’s Planning and Cooperation Department.

Initially, access to health service was through mobile brigades. However, a team of four health professionals was currently allocated: maternal and child health nurse, general medicine technician, nutrition technician and general nurse.

“If the partners fund the health facility, work will start as soon as possible and otherwise we will plan the construction and equip for the next Government Five Year Plan (2020-2025), because it is our priority to build a health facility in this place,” he added. DPS has already submitted an application to the Ministry of Health (MISAU) and has initiated a dialogue with partners to build a complete Type 2 Health Centre where the clinic will operate.

“Our feeling is of great satisfaction. We are very grateful to WHO for their financial support and we promise to do all we can to maintain this infrastructure to serve us for a long time,” said Pita Mutimbijua, Chief of Inhajou Resettlement Site.

Ensuring health services delivery in most affected districts remains top priority for WHO.

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