WFP Nutrition and HIV programming in Manica, October 2020

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WFP supports the Ministry of Health to implement treatment of moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) within the national PRN programme in 38 districts across six provinces, among them Manica. A total of 27 health facilities in 4 districts of Manica are covered by WFP: Sussundenga, Mussorize, Macossa and Tambara.
Manica experiences seasonal peaks in malnutrition and this was further compounded by the impact of Tropical Cyclone Idai in March 2019. After the cyclone, a pellagra outbreak hit the country and there was no treatment protocol in place. In light of this, and due to the fact that Macossa and Tambara district face high levels of food insecurity every year, WFP supported households with pellagra cases with the provision of SuperCereal. This was given as a complement to the patients receiving treatment for pellagra, as well as to the remaining members of the households, in order to prevent pellagra among them.

The main activities implemented by WFP are:

• procurement and delivery of specialized nutritious foods;

• capacity strengthening of government health staff at provincial and district levels and;

• monitoring and evaluation